The Call To Discipleship

by | Jan 31, 2020

Are you ready to be a disciple of Christ? If you answered “yes”, then do you know what discipleship will cost you? Your life! The call to discipleship is not an easy life, you will be rejected by many, including friends, family, co-workers and strangers. Are you ready for this? The call to discipleship will require you to detach yourself from this world and to live for Jesus Christ, are you ready for this? The call to discipleship will ask you to leave your family and follow Jesus Christ, “If any one comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:26) are you ready for this? The cost of discipleship comes with a cost “Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me, cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:27) are you ready to carry your cross and suffer for the kingdom? Jesus’ disciple’s told him that they would follow him wherever he goes, but do they really know where Jesus wants them to go? The same place he wants us to follow him; to the cross. The disciples thought that following Jesus meant that they would accompany him to his sermons, healings, his rebuking demons etc. But in reality he wanted them to follow him to Jerusalem, then to calvary and ultimately to the cross!

There are three types of disciples that we can categorize ourselves in. There were twelve disciples: ten left him, one betrayed him, and one stayed with him at the foot of the cross, which one are you? Are you one of the ten that left and came whenever they were ready or needed him, or are you the one that will betray him because you can not bare the truth and the world desires have gotten to you, or are you the one that stays with him through all the tribulations of this life? Now all of this does not mean that we hate our families and despise the world and all earthly possession, but what it does mean is that Jesus is the center of our lives and not the world.

We must ask ourselves these questions if we truly want to become disciples of Christ, and we must ask for his grace to help us follow him and take up our cross daily.

In Christ

Jeff Kassab



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  1. Nofar nofar

    No comment my brother in Christ you said it all and covered everything that needed to be known about decipleship I gave my life to our lord all my life I’ve always been a simple person I was in love with Jesus since I was a child I used to watch the old and the young deacons serve him on the alter and I would get jealous then I Began to go inside the changing room with the priest and the deacons until I joined them at the alter I was around 8 or nine in Baghdad I went to church with my saint mother every evening and couldn’t wait to serve it was the happiest time of my life. I’m crying as I’m describing the experience. We came to America when I was 10. And couldn’t go to church often because of stores we had to wark the weekends. Then after I got married I began to adore the lord more and more again and when I became 33 years old I began talking to him praise his Holy name I talked to Jesus Mary and Joseph and even God the father. Like they were my best friends the feeling was out of this world literally then I began learning Aramaic while at work inspired only by the Holy Spirit I learned to read write Aramaic in 3 months fluently old Aramaic and new. Thru the power of God I praised and praised and praised and eventually went to school for Deaconship with Shamasha Raheem Shayota whom I loved greatly God rest his soul and Shamasha Philip Kasmikha who was my mentor then after a year I was ordained a sub deacon in our church. I kept taliking to Jesus and Mary they came to me frequently and were so beautiful one day I was saying Jesus Mary and Joseph over and over and over and telling them how much I love them and they’re my life. When all of the sudden our lord said to me so you really love me that much I said lord I am nothing without you you’re my life my everything I die for you. Then our lady asked me do you really love me that much too I said oh my dearest mother Mary. You are the mother of my love my God my savoiur I die for your son and for you. Then Joseph came to me laughing I knew it was saint Joseph he asked the same question and I said ohhh my dear saint Joseph you are the protector of my savior and the Holy family you are the example
    Of what fatherhood should be I love you beyond anything in life then our lord said to me we love you too dear child keep praying for the world and the Holy souls in purgatory. Sorry I wrote so much I hope you don’t think I’m bragging about my self because I don’t want anything in this world or from this world is to be sanctified and close to Gods heavenly love. Pray for me I’m suffering greatly with incurable illness. May God bless you my brother and bless everyone Amen❤️


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